Tips on making your legs look longer and slimmer!

Tips on how to make your legs look longer and slimmer

Shoes with Heels will Make Your Legs Appear Thinner
The heels don't have to be terribly high, but there's no doubt that if you want to appear slimmer, a bit of a heel will help dramatically.

Rounded/Gently Pointed Toe Shoes will Help Make Legs Appear Longer
If your legs look longer, they will also appear thinner - and shoes with rounded toes will help make your legs seem longer. So, even if you think your legs are long enough, if it's a thinner appearance you're after, try a shoes with rounded or gently pointed toes.

Match Your Shoes to Your Hose or Tights
Matching your shoes to your hose or tights, when wearing a skirt or a dress will help your legs look thinner. If your skirt is also in a matching colour, you'll look thinner from the waist down. Avoid wearing light-coloured hose with dark shoes and a dark skirt.

Opened-Toed Shoes
Shoes with an open toe or high heeled sandals will give your thighs and calves a slimmer appearance than a closed-toe shoe will.

Wear Slingback or Backless Shoes
If you wear backless or slingback shoes instead of pumps, your legs will look thinner and longer