About Slatters - A Proud tradition of quality, style and comfort

In 1873 Herbert Thomas Slatter sailed from England with his wife and three children. Arriving in Melbourne in 1874, he established Slatters. Now based in Adelaide, Slatters remains proudly Australian.

The company archives include H T Slatter's original shipping ticket and hand-written record books, which date to the late 1800’s. These record business transactions, including those with C and J Clarks in the U.K, whom we now know as Clarks Shoes.

In time, H T Slatter was joined by his two sons, J C (Joe) and H H (Hal). Hal, the younger brother, expanded the business by opening the Adelaide office in 1901. South Australian based manufacturing commenced in 1916 in a small Flinders Street factory.

Thereafter, the Halifax Street town acre site was acquired and a new factory built, with subsequent manufacturing moved from Flinders Street in 1931. In 1938, a second storey was added to the new building for administration and warehousing.

During the Second World War, the company’s effort saw over 600,000 pairs produced for the Australian Armed Forces.

Hal Slatter died in 1928 and H T (Bert), eldest of his four sons, assumed the role of Managing Director. D S (Dudley) Slatter would join Bert, followed by B H (Brian) and R (Bob). From 1928 to 1981 management was in the hands of this generation. Bob, last of the brothers, was Chairman until his death.

Bob Slatter’s son, John Slatter, was appointed Managing Director in 1977. John, who lived in England for four years in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, had completed a degree in shoe making at the British Boot and Shoe Institute.

Change came in the 1970’s: traditional 'welted' construction was replaced by 'cement lasted' construction. Market share increased and by the mid 1980’s production was 10,000 pairs per week.

In 1988 Slatters won the 'Australian Shoe of the Year' award. It was the first men’s brand to take the Industry’s top award.

The Federal Government's tariff reduction saw production move offshore but some footwear is still produced in Adelaide. Slatter's range also expanded thanks to imports made to our designs, fit, and specifications.

In 1979 Trevor Haines worked as a warehouse trainee and, in 1982, his brother Paul started as a sales cadet. Trevor became financial controller by 1995 and Paul became Managing Director when John Slatter stepped down in 1997. John continued with the company as Chairman but retired December 2007 due to ill health .

In 2002 the Halifax street building was sold, but still stands with commercial and residential uses. The business relocated to the more efficient open plan of our current location: 60 Crittenden Road, Findon.

The company’s longevity can be attributed to its family values of respect, trust, loyalty and above all fairness in dealing with customers. Slatters will continue to provide men’s footwear of international quality and style at affordable Australian prices.

Slatters looks forward to continuing this tradition with you.