Slatters Mens Sandals

Slatters broome stone mens wide fit sandals at Shoe Talk NZBuy Slatter Men's Sandals & Scuffs

Slatters men's wide fitting sandals in wider and bigger sizes. Including dress scuffs, reef sandals with leather uppers and padded footbeds. Style and comfort.

Slatters mens sandals cover everything from dress, reef sandals and scuffs! Designed to fit the standard Kiwi men's foot. Looking for a sandal or scuff on with a bit more width. Slatters is the brand for you.

Sandals and scuffs that will fit in with your lifestyle be it a dressy event or a casual day out there is style available that will suit  the occasion you require them for.

Try in the comfort of your home or come and visit us in the store in Marton. Shoes come in sizes 7 to 13 and some can be sourced that are in larger sizes than this. Slatters Footwear is designed to fit the kiwi foot and is around a 3E fit. So check out the range of wider fitting mens shoes and boots that are available.